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 Honey Loves You Mask   15ml | 30+ servings Detailed Description 

Honey Loves You.

Wonderfully nourish & purify your skin with our divine honey mask. A premium blend of organic & sustainably wild harvested ingredients. Soothes puffiness, calms redness & irritation with elegance. A loyal travel companion. Delicious extracts of Floral Lavender. Wild Manuka. Blue Chamomile. Raw Manuka Honey.

Calming. Sweet. Fresh.

 Day Balm Concentrate    15ml | 45+ servings Detailed Description 

Brighten Your Day

Illuminate your complexion.
Calms redness. Provides coverage.
Smoothes fine lines. Softens dark spots.
Protects from signs of premature aging.
Enticing Organic Dark Cocoa. Raw Shea.
Whole Vanilla Bean. Wild Pracaxi.

Radiant. Seductive. Joyous.

• Nutrient-Rich Daily Elixir   25ml | 165+ servings Detailed Description 

Your Daily Elixir

A unique blend of anti-aging ingredients create a base layer of moisture protection while delivering vital nutrients to your skin. Antioxidants, Vitamin C, CoQ10, Red Algae extract & Astaxanthin awaken your skin and repair the signs of aging, leaving your skin youthful, dewy & radiant.

Significantly reduces the appearance of fine lines and discoloration due to sun damage and acne.

Supple. Protected. Vital.

• Handmade Porcelain Applicator by Robert Shiozaki in Vancouver.


One each of our multi-use samples of Honey Loves You Mask (8+ servings), The Day Balm Concentrate (15+ servings)  & The Nutrient-Rich Daily Elixir (17+ servings)

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