Designed by Science · Sourced from Nature · Inspired by Love


Ryz Rémi's unique creations take many years to research, develop and perfect.
We use only the finest quality organic & sustainably wild-harvested ingredients.
Every single ingredient has benefits for your skin.



Every blend contains our delicious cold-pressed virgin coconut oil slowly
infused with organic whole vanilla bean, chamomile and calendula flowers.
Rich, buttery and floral- this divine medley is the heart of our blends.  



Our delicate blends are hand-whipped and require gentle heating and cooling over several days to transform into a rich, creamy and exquisite creation just for you.




"I carefully make our creations in small hand-whipped batches to bring out the unique personality & beauty of the plants. Blending them slowly ensures the vital lipids & nutrients aren't broken down and oxidized by heat and friction. My methods ensure that our blends deliver the best possible nutrient profile to your skin."
- Dr. Natasha Ryz






We collaborate witVancouver artist Robert Shiozaki to create unique hand made porcelain pieces to accompany our blends. Robert has over 50 years experience working with ceramics.These special applicators help measure the perfect serving size and ensure your jar of Ryz Rémi is optimally preserved. They are made from Southern Ice high grade porcelain.





Our accoutrements are made from fine porcelain.
Each one is unique and shaped individually
by hand.




We love to create
exceptional skin care blends from the finest whole ingredients.



Please take your time and enjoy them slowly.


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