Bespoke Skincare & Fragrances - Ryz Rémi by Functional Blends

Bespoke Skincare & Fragrance


Ryz Remi offers a full suite of custom skincare services for our clients, exclusively in Vancouver.  We will design & create cleansers, masks, brighteners, face oils, body products, and perfume oils together with you. All bespoke scents and skincare are exclusive to you. We will never sell the scent or skincare we design together without your permission.

Through in office consultation, Dr. Natasha Ryz, Phd will also personally analyse your diet & lifestyle factors to design a broad-spectrum plan to achieve your skincare goals.

Alternatively, Natasha will design custom skincare or a fragrance for your wedding party or guests of a special event--or perhaps matching scents for your mother's birthday. Custom skincare package for a special client , or to reward an employee. Need to look your best for a photo shoot?

 scent, tone and effect, finish can be customized

Initial consultation 30 minutes


Current waiting list for an appointment is 11 weeks.  Consultations begin at $3800 and include custom skincare, supplement diet & lifestyle plans.