DAY BALM CONCENTRATE TECHNIQUE - Ryz Rémi by Functional Blends


Simple Method

1. Start with a clean, dry face.
2. Open jar and deeply inhale the rich calming aroma.
3. With applicator, take a rice sized amount of balm and rub between your fingertips for 5 seconds to heat and activate the balm.
4. Use fingertips to smooth brightening balm onto face in a thin layer. 
5. Use an additional serving for neck & décolleté.
6. Massage in small circular motions until absorbed into skin.
7. Apply an additional serving if desired.
8. For matte finish- blot off excess with tissue paper if desired.

For best results use our Nutrient-Rich Elixir, before and/or after applying the Day Balm Concentrate. Our elixir wil assist the balm to blend and spread evenly.

Your skin will feel nourished, vibrant and loved after each experience. 

Enjoy daily to improve your skin and protect against the elements.

Wash applicator after use.

Store in a cool, dry place. Refridgerate if desired.