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Why Does Virgin Coconut Oil Smell So Delicious?

Ryz Remi Coconut Oil


The aroma of virgin coconut oil is rich, creamy and subtly sweet, with undertones of fresh fruit. 


Lactones are the main flavour compounds that provide the coconut aroma.

 δ-octalactone has a fatty coconut aroma, with mild green undertones.

δ-decalactone has a creamy, coconut aroma with slight peach undertones.

    Ryz Remi Coconut Oil


    Coconut oil has compounds that contribute a sweet, fruity aroma.

    ethyl decanoate has a sweet apple aroma.

    ethyl acetate has a pleasant fruity odor, similar to pear.

    nonanal smells like citrus peel, with cucumber undertones.

    limonene smells like fresh sweet orange.

      Some compounds provide freshness. 


      2-heptanone has fruity, waxy and green notes.

      hexanal smells like freshly cut grass.


        Ryz Remi Coconut Oil



        Delicious coconut.


        An aroma that evokes memories of tropical beaches, clear water, lush palm trees and bright sunny skies. 



        Palm Tree



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        Natasha Ryz
        Natasha Ryz


        Dr. Natasha Ryz, PhD, MSc, BSc, is cofounder of Ryz Rémi Organic Skin Care in Vancouver, Canada. Natasha has a PhD in Experimental Medicine from the University of British Columbia and is a Vanier scholar. She has a strong background in nutrition and holds a Master’s degree and a 4-year Bachelor’s degree in Human Nutritional Sciences.

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